Treatment Plants
Water is processed by means of a biological treatment system, during which is passes through filters and biological reactors that remove the organic load where microorganisms develop.
The biologically treated water is put through chemical disinfection processes, where a chlorine solution is injected, in order to destroy pathogenic microorganisms that may still be present.
The treated water can finally be reused for public utilities or for agricultural irrigation by means of modern methods, since it complies with the Mexican regulation NOM-003-SEMANART-1998.

Water Purification Plants
Water goes through an iron and corrosive material removal process, then, aluminum sulfate is added as a coagulating agent for its sedimentation.
Water is sent to settling tanks where it goes into a vacuum chamber where the interaction between water and the sediment residues can interact. The clarified water is collected on the surface and is sent to a treatment system involving sand tanks with filters.
Once filtered, it is recollected through nozzles; it goes through a disinfection process and is sent to the pumping station for its distribution.

General Constructions
FYPASA doesn’t only operate treatment plants, it also builds them, starting from planning, working on foundations, construction and equipment.
Waste-Water Treatment Plant (WWTP): Aguas Blancas 1350 L/s in Acapulco Guerrero (construction)
North Toluca 1250 L/s (construction and operation)
WWTP: Ciudad del Agua 2000 L/s Chiapas in Tuxtla Guitierrez (construction and operation)
WWTP to be built: Hermosillo Sonora 2500 L/s (construction and operation)
El Morro 750 L/s in San Luis Potosi (construction and operation)


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  • International engineering services.
  • Importation and exportation of technology and equipment for water systems.
  • Water systems’ operation and maintenance.
  • Marketing and transportation of chemical products for the water industry.


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